Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Feel it Itchin' under your skin?

Okay, so this is the second time I've reviewed a novel by Scott Sigler. Some might believe it's because I am a fanboy....well, one would be partially correct, except I prefer the Overlord's title given to us minions of "Original Junkie." You want the title too? Well tough, you ain't gonna get it 'cause the line has been drawn and you weren't there apparently.

Anyway, Infected, the third novel by Scott Sigler turns out to be one of his best. It was actually at the beginning of this novel's Podification that I was introduced to the Sig's, but since the books original conception, the podcasting, and the publication by Crown Publishing, this has grown to much more epic porportions. It was good originally, and probably better when he edited for the podcast, but what I've seen in this print version makes the goosebumps under my skin make me think the creepy crawly triangle found a way under my covers...

The story in this book is one of the most grusome tales I've ever read. It stars a miriad of characters: Scary Perry Dawson, the ex-Linebacker and all around terrifying individual; Dew Philips, the Black-ops Secret Spy Agent who just wants to make the triangles pay for the death of his partner; Magaret Montoya, the CDC chick with the nice rack and creeping suspicion that she's got this one figured out; and, of course, the everpresent Triangles themselves, whose diabolical plan for Perry is just the beginning. All of these people come together in a story that is not only expertly woven, but basically change any expectation you have in a creepy crawly type story, 'cause just when you expect something to happen, something completely different occurs.

Okay, now that I'm done winning my place at the dinner table, I must say that this story actually is all that I'm hyping it up to be. Unlike the other Sigler novel I reviewed, this one didn't have any flaws I could distinguish, but I heard that there were some. Of course, most of those are the kinds of things that you wouldn't really be able to know unless you had a deep, and I mean DEEP, knowledge of Ohio history. And wikipedia won't solve that problem, since it's likely the cause of it.

Needless to say, this is by far one of the best books in the market today, and I recommend picking it up as soon as possible. Happy Reading friends.

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