Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Supernatural Things Everywhere

Being a big fan of Supernatural the TV show, mostly because it appeals to every part of my nature, with horror and religion, I decided to pick up this book and begin reading it. I was put off from the very beginning when I read the section "about the author" and I came to realize that this particular author has a long history of being the first to write books based on TV shows. Then I began to read his introduction about how the book came to be and I realized instantly that he only wrote the novel because he got wind that another author was going to be publishing a book based on a TV show, so this particular book was crapped out faster in order for the author to maintain his status as number one writer of adaptation novels.

However, his quick style and serious lack of editing made my brain hurt. In order to make the story believable, the author decided to make the whole thing take place at the university that he went to. This becomes obvious throughout the story as he pays serious attention to minute details that eventually begin to read like directions to someone's place. There are whole paragraphs that say things like, "they crossed 18th street and moved passed the stand that always sits on 19th street before crossing into the alley that connects 20th and 21st street together. Then they came to the intersection of Roe and Morrison, but they didn't stop until they came to Hudson, where the train tracks crossed the road." It gets really boring really fast, unless you know New York....

Anyway, aside from the lack of continuous story plotting, the author goes ahead and gives the Winchesters personality traits that are never apparent anywhere in the TV series, like Dean being a neat freak. For those who have seen the show, there are countless comments which eventually come to a head near the end of Season 2 that Dean is a slob, but according to this author, Dean keeps his place clean so that they don't leave any evidence behind.

Now, I must say that the interactions between Dean and Sam are actually very much like the show. I liked that aspect, it made me feel like I was watching an episode, but then some messed up grammar or spelling. I'm not sure who to blame it on, the writer or the editor. Maybe both.

Unfortunately, I found the story lacking quite a bit, so I didn't even go so far as to say this is a decent book. It was alright if you want to kill alot of time.

Happy reading

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